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Never miss another event.  Our weekly event emails will keep you abreast of the events you want to attend within the travel distance you specify.

We have subscription options for you.

  • Monthly Subscription (billed at $2.99 every month)
  • Annual Subscription (billed at $23.99 every year with a 7-day trial)



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Our email program was designed from the ground up for Enthusiasts who want to be sure they don’t miss an event.

The program provides you with an email of the events you want to attend within the travel distance you specify. Chose your home zip code or your office zip code and each email will contain a list of only those events within the radius you define.

Every Monday, you’ll receive an email with a list of events for the next 7 days (Monday to Sunday). On Friday morning, you’ll get another email with a list of the events for the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) that will include events that have been added since Monday’s email was sent. And on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you’ll get a reminder email with a list of events for each of those days. Though this might seem like overkill, we literally get 100’s of new events added every week – especially during “car season” – and sending a “reminder” email was one of last years’ most requested features by subscribers.

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