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We all love our cars, and we love to show them off. For many of us, there's no better place to do that than one of the thousands of "cars and coffee" events held every Saturday or Sunday morning, in cities and towns around the US.

If you're a car guy (or gal) you probably know the locations of the local events off the top of your head. But what if you're tired of the old scene? What if you want to show your car someplace different? Where can you go to see a list of all the events, sorted and filtered by date and location?

Right here. That's where.

But this website is about more than just cars and coffee events. We also have road rallies, coffee runs, poker runs, Concours events, HPDE events and autocross events. There is also: a photo gallery, a store, and a YouTube channel, a classifieds section, and a blog with stories about your favorite events or roads to drive on. And don't forget to check out the store.

What makes us different?


Event Calendar - Our calendars list all types of car and bike events: Cruise nights, coffee runs, car shows, rallies, swap meets, track events, poker runs, tours, etc. 

Event Search - You can search events based on cost, venue, organizer, day, time, city, state, and type.

Emails - Tell us how far you'd travel to attend an event, and every Tuesday morning at 7 am, we'll send you a list of events in your desired travel area for the next 7 days. We'll also send a follow-up email on Fridays for the weekend that will contain any events added since Tuesday.

Classified Ads - Need parts? We've got 'em. Keeping that ride running can be a full time job, so we also have a full classified ads section.


The posting process is entirely self service.  Create your account and upload your information. No waiting for us to get around to it.

We handle the promotion. Every event is posted to social media as soon as it's published and is included in our Tuesday and Friday email blasts.

Event detail pages automatically show a Google map of the location so people can get directions for your event as well as your contact information.

Pages are fully optimized for SEO and are designed to work properly on laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Oh yeah, there's no charge for any of this.


You're probably not at your desktop when you're making your weekend plans. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have an app on your phone so you can see what's happening?

You can. We've got an app for that.

Click a button and see all of the events that are happening today, this week or in the next month.

How do you get this app? You won't find it in the Apple or Google stores. Just open the home page of this website on your mobile phone and follow the instructions on your screen.
Sign Up For A List of Events
Oh sure, you could come back here week after week to look for a list of car stuff to do, but why bother? 

Just insert your email in this handy form. We'll send you a list of car shows, cruises, coffee runs, etc. for the next 7 days every Tuesday morning with a follow-up of weekend events on Friday.

That should leave you plenty of time to polish the car.
2006 Mazda Miata with Enkei wheels and Fabspeed Blackworx rollbar

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