Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions. A LOT.  We’re always happy to help you out with any problems you’re having, but before you send us an email, we’d appreciate it if you could check the questions below to see if any of them address your needs. If not, you can contact us here:

Nope. Browse away. It’s all free.

Same answer – nope. We don’t charge anything for Event Organizers to add their events.

We make money from advertising and from the sale of merchandise from our store.

The free email program consists of a twice-monthly email that list all the events in your state. Some of our subscribers wanted a more targeted listing of events, so we developed a premium product that goes out twice a week and lists only events within a specified travel radius from the Subscriber’s home zip code.

Try as we might, it’s nearly impossible for us to get every email in every city. That’s one of the reasons we created the website to be self service – so that Event Organizers can add and manage their own events

We built the website so that Event Organizers could manage their own listings, but not everyone does. So sometimes, when an event is cancelled or the location is changed, the Organizers don’t update the listings.  That’s why we also say, Check with the Organizers before you go.

Our app isn’t technically an “app” – it’s what is called a PWA or Progressive web app.  Basically, it’s a page on the website that loads on your mobile device without any of the browser chrome so it looks and behaves like an app.  The advantage is that we don’t have to update it every time Apple of Google releases an upgrade to their app.

It’s pretty easy.  You can find the instructions here.

Sign Up For A List of Events

Oh sure, you could come back here week after week to look for a list of car stuff to do, but why bother?

Our Basic email program is simple: Just tell us the State where you live, and we’ll send you a list of the events in that state. Simple.  And if that’s too many events (which is possible) you can opt for our Premium email program which is designed to send you a list of only those events withing 30, 60, 90 or 120 miles of your zip code.

That should leave you plenty of time to polish the car.