Why add your event to our calendar? Here are the top 6 reasons.

  1. Promotional Emails. From Nov 1 to Mar 31, we send an email out every Tuesday and Friday morning. Tuesday’s email has a list of upcoming events in their area for the next 7 days, and Friday’s email has a list of emails for the next 3 days. From Apr 1 to Oct 31 we send out additional reminder emails on Sat and Sun with a list of events for those days.
  2. Better Google Visibility. In most parts of the country, when someone is doing a search for car-related events near them, our website comes up as either the #1 or #2 listing on Google.
  3. Better Social Media visibility. Every event is automatically shared on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages within minutes of it being added to our calendar. And that means it also appears on the pages of people and groups that follow us on Social media, further increasing the audience.
  4. Our platform is completely self-service. Just create an account using the form below. As soon as you do, you’ll be taken to the Event Organizer Dashboard where you can add as many events as you like. And once you’ve added your events, you can update them easily from the same dashboard.
  5. We’re mobile-friendly. When you’re looking for something do to that day, just open our app, click the button for Today’s Events and that’s all you’ll see. The app runs on both Android and iOS devices, taking Users directly to a list of upcoming events.
  6. THERE’S NO CHARGE TO USE THE PLATFORM. None. It’s all free for you and your attendees.