Advisor: Michael Lindgren, CEO, Cinema Resources

Upon graduating college, Michael Lindgren took a six month sabbatical, traveling to Europe with stops at the factories of Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volvo. Returning back to the States, Michael found employment at Gran Turismo in Greenvale, New York, an exotic, high performance car dealership. Eventually, his journey brought him to work for Luigi Chenitti Ferrari managing special projects, developing marketing strategies for promotion and coordinating events in racing and their presence at the International Automobile Shows.

Michael has combined his love and knowledge of high performance equipment and the challenge of film making to form Cinema Resources, a company that provides, research, casting, preparation and management for racing and high performance vehicles for use in film, television and commercial production. The company has provided automobiles, aircraft and boats, precision operators, stunt drivers, props, support crew and personal. Michael serves as stunt coordinator, second unit director for driving sequences as required. His client list includes Mercedes-Benz, ESPN Sportcenter, Good Year, Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, NASCAR, Volvo, Michelin and many others.

Besides collecting vintage race cars and racing with HSR and SVRA, Michael is a much sought after judge for Concours events across the US. He is currently restoring a 110 year old home on Long Island Sound.