Classified Advertising Instructions

What to include in your ad

For best results, put as much information into the ad about the item(s) you’re selling as you can. Adding information about colors, special features, availability, etc will help sell your item(s) as quickly as possible.

What NOT to include in your ad

The basics. No profanity. No humor. These are classified ads and neither is relevant to the sale of your items.

You will need to add your email address to the advertisement via the email field in the Place Ad form in order to place your ad. If someone wants to respond to your email, they will be able to can click on your name and respond to the ad via a form that hides your email address. This is intentional and is done to keep your contact information private. Please do not include your email address or phone number to the text of your ad. If you do it will not be private anymore.


A Basic ad can have four (4) images. A Featured ad can have 8 images. Images must be:

Minimum Maximum
Image Width 640px 1920px
Image Height 480px 1440px
File Size 100KB (.1 MB) 250KB (.25 MB)

The first photo you upload should be the photo you want as your featured photo. Images must have license plate information blurred or hidden in such a way that the information is not readable. Images that clearly show license plate information are not permitted. We are sorry, but video is not allowed.

Contact Information

The system is designed to keep your contact information hidden from users. This is done to respect your privacy. Please add your contact information to the form where it’s requested and NOT into the text of your ad.