Shelley Krohnengold, EVP, CT Valley Region, PCA

Shelley joined Porsche Club of America (Metro NY region) in 1974 when he purchased his first Porsche, a 1968 four-speed 912. He has been active in CVR (Connecticut Valley Region) Club activities since moving into this region in 2005. 

Since then he has become a bonafide DE track-addict. He and his wife Meryl have have participated in many CVR Tours, Coffee Runs and other social events. Shelley was the Editor of Challenge from 2010 - 2019 and after taking a few years off, he's assumed the role of EVP and is in line to become club president in 2023. In addition to being a member of the Porsche club, he is also a member of the BMW club and the Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving and Chowder Society in NYC.

He and his wife reside in Greenwich, CT.
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